Annnnd I have landed

Welp.  I am finally officially in Hong Kong after a very long 15hr flight.  I was able to finish 4 episodes of True Blood, one episode of Walking dead, Guardians of the galaxy and hercules before finally zonking out.  It was good that I stayed awake as long as i did, because I think it really helped me to reset my clock.

I have met a few people already.  One guy while waiting to board who was from Modesto and was flying to some place in the east to visit family.  We talked about all stuff that would not be worth noting here... but he was very nice.  Then I talked to two flight attendants on my way to my hotel.  They were really cool.  both just came back from Amsterdam and lived in Hong Kong.  They suggested that I go to the Ozone Bar, which is supposed to be the highest bar in the world (located some 100+ floors above ground).  Then i met this journalist named Sabrina who was visiting from Italy and absolutely gorgeous.  She was here to film for a show about the best street food places.  She was kind enough to recommend a place that i think i will try tomorrow called Yat Lok.  Apparently it has the best chicken in town.

So I noticed a few things today...

1. I don't really care for traveling to large cities unless I am with my best friends.  At least mid week anyways.  So many people "working" right now, that it isnt very easy to stop anyone.

2. Hong Kong is almost a silent city.  Even with as hustle and bustle it is... there are no horns honking, sirens ringing, or even people talking.  imagine a crowd of 800+ people walking down the street... with not even a word being said.  Its earlly really.  Scenes from the walking dead have more dialog.

3.  The air here sucks.  no... seriously.  It sucks.

4.  Most of the food, doesn't really seem that interesting to me.  Most of the food I have seen doesn't really attract me.  I prefer when my lunch doesnt look me in the eye.  Although I was talking to this very friendly and helpful mom from Finland who gave me a few suggestions.  Infact, she pointed me to the worlds longest escalator...which apparently runs past a bunch of really great restaurants.  Some of which I cant wait to check out tonight.

5.  they use bamboo for scaffolding here. Now considering how modern things are here, i was very surprised to see this.  even crazier... is that it is not just the 1st floor... but all the way to the top.  See my pictures for shots taken at the bottom level and then from my hotel room of the same building (i think) that shows 20+ stories of bamboo (i am on the 23rd floor).